Liquid room – Video Art & Architecture event at the National Center for Contemporary arts – Moscow, Russia

Posted by paolo fichera su febbraio 3, 2008

Liquid room – Video Art & Architecture event at the National Center for Contemporary arts – Moscow, Russia . February 01 – 08, 2008
International ArtExpo Collection

Liquid Room is an exciting show of video-art, a form of art which is also itself a kind of liquid architecture, very closed to the fluidity, transparency and vagueness of the inner life. Our post-literary age, already fascinated by the ‘liquid architecture in cyberspace’ (Marcos Novak), liquid identities and everyday liquid contacts between people, is focused on lightweight infrastructures in motion, the ‘musical’ structures of light, sound and colours, the ability to transform visual arts into urbanism shows or the real need to sense the reality as a fluid network of individuals, art and technology.
I imagine The Liquid Room as a kind of metaphysical box where the liquid walls become the tools for the unificatioon of codes (visual, verbal, sonor or kynetical) in our strange spiritual transition from the stability of things to the mobility of the images. The narrativity of such new forms is far of equilibrium, non-aristotelian and focused on jump, intuition and synthesis, on interactivity, integration and immersion. (Constantin Severin)

.curator Luca Curci
.project coordinator Nadia Perrotta
.NCCA coordinator Karina Karaeva
.place National Center for Contemporary arts

Harry Levene & Jon Pigrem . UK | Stefano Fanara . Italy | Sarah Tremlett . UK | Marcela Pavia & Leonilde Carabba . Italy | Magda Matwiejew . Australia | Mamta B. Herland . Norway | Rocio Barcia . Argentina | Luca Curci . Italy | Markus Oberndorfer . Austria | Bottazzi Guillaume . France | Rui Mourao . Portugal | James Johnson-Perkins . UK | Dorian Gaudin & Neil Beloufa . France | Jonny Sifkovits . Austria | Sarah Duyshart . Australia | Nadia Perrotta . Italy | Orly Aviv . Israel | Heidi Morstang . UK | Lidija Micovic . Serbia | Tom Estlack . USA | Jeannette Castioni . Iceland/Italy | Silvana Sferza . Italy | Su Basbugu . Turkey | Annalisa Cervi . Italy | Camillo Di Tullio . Italy | Andrea Sterpa . Italy | Igor Imohff . Italy | Saverio Luzzo . Italy | Andrea Manenti . Italy | Adalgisa Romano . Italy | Mauricio Mayorga . Colombia

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